Best for: Brides and grooms in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire who want to take charge of their wedding planning but relax on the big day itself. 

After so many months of organising and planning your wedding, the last thing you want to happen is for it all to unravel on the big day. Nor do you want to spend every minute of the day playing host. While you want to ensure all of your guests are having a good time, your wedding day is for you and your significant other to cherish every moment and enjoy what should be a truly unforgettable day.

This package is perfect for couples who want to take charge of their wedding planning in the lead up to the day, and then hand over the reigns to a professional on the day itself. Doing so gives couples an opportunity to take a step back and enjoy their day to the fullest. It’s also ideal for couples who find they’ve run out of time for the last-minute details and could do with help bringing it all together on the big day.

With my on-the-day coordination package, I will sit down with you to discuss your plans in an initial consultation a few weeks to one month before the big day. At this time I’ll also obtain all supplier details and contact them to introduce myself and pick up on any outstanding details. I’ll also visit the ceremony and reception sites to familiarise myself with the space and venue contacts.

On the day itself, I will be on-site from dawn to dusk – at hours agreed during our consultation. My job will be to manage the day’s schedule; liaise with all suppliers; manage and supervise the ceremony, reception and wedding party; be the main point of contact for suppliers and staff; coordinate entertainment; discreetly handle any unexpected issues that may arise, whether that be with suppliers, guests, or the wedding party – and much more besides! Your job is to simply show up and shine.

With this package, the many hours of planning you’ve already put in will come together just as you envisioned. Yet, you also get to take a step back safe in the knowledge that a professional wedding planner is going to handle the final details and the big day itself – what could be more satisfying!

If you’re planning a wedding in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, or Oxfordshire, get in touch today to discuss my on-the-day coordination package and how I can help you plan your dream wedding. 

Date: Aug 20, 2017
Category: Planning

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