Up or down, curls or straightened, accessories or no accessories – there are a lot of options when comes to choosing your wedding day hairstyle. But, it doesn’t have to be a tricky decision. Read on for the most important factors to consider when choosing your bridal ‘do’ and you’ll waltz down the aisle feeling like a million-dollar bride.

Face shape 
As with your everyday hairstyle, you should consider the shape of your face when deciding how to style your hair for the big day. Big, dramatic styles will a suit fuller, rounder face but can take away from the features of a smaller face, which may suit looser waves or wispier styles. Long, straightened hair will lengthen an already long face but look great on a heart-shaped face.

Hair type 
Of course, your hair type should be a huge consideration when selecting your wedding day hairstyle. A fine, straight-haired bride will have to think very differently from a curly-haired bride. What are the unique characteristics of your hair and how can use them to elevate your bridal hairstyle? If you have fine hair, you may want consider incorporating some extensions for the big day to add volume and allow for a striking up-do. If you have short, coarser hair, a simple veil may work well. Long, thick hair can be braided or twisted, mid-length, layered hair accessorised, curly hair straightened, straight hair curled. Many women try to grow their hair for their wedding day, but if you love your short do, why bother! The trick is to make the most of your hair type and maximise on its features. Not sure about yours? Book a bridal trial and talk through your options with a professional.

Wedding venue 
How are your wedding venue and bridal hairstyle connected? Well, if yours is a grand, traditional venue, you may want to consider a classic chignon or timeless bun whereas a simple, outdoor venue calls for a looser, less styled hairstyle such as curls, braids or hair down. Consider the style and tone of the venue as well as the location and time of day you’re getting married as each should be factored into your decision. How your hair looks for an evening alfresco ceremony might be very different from a mid-morning, formal ceremony.

Wedding dress
The style of your wedding dress has to be a factor in the type of hairstyle you choose.  If you’ve chosen a formal, traditional style gown then a more classic style, think a French pleat or dramatic up-do, will complement your look perfectly. If you’ve chosen a boho style dress, a looser, freer hairstyle with fresh flowers will suit. A retro or period hairstyle may match a vintage dress. Essentially, your hairstyle should complement your wedding gown so consider the formality of your gown as well as its design – the neckline, sleeves, length etc. All of these factors should dictate the direction you take with your hair.

Twenty years from now
It may be your big day and you may want to go all out when it comes to your hairstyle, but consider how you will feel about your do in 20 years’ time when your reminiscing over your wedding album. Yes, your look may date but you don’t want to pick a style that isn’t ‘you’. You can still choose a style that is different from your everyday look without compromising on your personality. So if you know you’ll never feel comfortable rocking a head full of French curls, forgo the style. If you’re a classic bun type of gal then don’t opt for masses of bouncy ringlets. It’s your day to shine so ensure you choose a style that makes you feel beautiful but still makes you feel like you.

Having taken into account all these points, you should definitely consider booking a bridal hair trial with a specialist hairstylist. You should also create a wedding hairstyle scrap book or Pinterest board to collect all your ideas and visions in one place. Your hairstylist will thank you for it and it’ll help you narrow down and structure your thoughts so you can say more than ‘I want an up-do with waves’. Pick your favourites, discuss with your stylist, and trial each style. Follow these rules and you’ll end up with a bridal hairstyle that steals the show.

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Date: Sep 26, 2017
Category: Planning

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