When you’re walking down the aisle, you want everything to look perfect – including your hair! Even if you’re as regular as clockwork when it comes to getting your hair trimmed and teased, you may want to do things a little differently for your bridal style. Below, Emma, one of Buckinghamshire’s top freelance hair stylists and bridal specialists (Hair by Emma Milbourn), offers her top tips on getting the most from your bridal hair trial.

Do you really need a trial?
A bridal or wedding hair trial is essential for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with your chosen stylist, but a trial also gives you a chance to try out a few different styles. You’d be surprised at how often I come across brides who have a specific style in mind, who end up choosing an entirely different style once they’ve had a trial.

Should I grow my hair for my wedding?
There is no need to panic about growing your hair. A clever stylist will either be able to do a beautiful wedding style with short hair or if you do prefer a longer look, there are plenty of hairpieces and clip-in extensions that can be used. Keeping your hair in good condition with frequent cuts and a good shampoo and conditioner is much more important.

When should I have my hair cut or coloured before my wedding?
Have a small trim a week before the wedding and if you already get your hair regularly coloured, you can also do this a week before. If you’re thinking of trying a new style or colour, I would suggest doing this a couple of months before your big day so you can get used to it and change anything you don’t like in plenty of time.

Should I use an accessory in my hair?
This is absolutely personal preference. You have to think about how your hair looks in an up style and whether the accessory will suit it. You also need to consider your veil, if you’re choosing to wear one. Will both items fit? Your hairdresser should be able to advise you on this. If you do decide to have a hair accessory, take a look online as there are some beautiful designs available at reasonable prices. It’s worth showing your hairdresser before you buy to make sure the clip is suitable and not too heavy.

What and who should I bring to the trial?
Bring any accessories, and your veil if you have one, because this will make a difference to your hair up. If your bridesmaids are available, bring them too. Its nice to have a trusted second opinion and you can also chat through with your stylist what you will be doing with their hair.

What do I need to have ready for you on the day?
Normally I would ask the bride and bridesmaids to wash and dry their hair the night before, blow-drying in some light mousse. On the day, I would need a large mirror, table, chair, plug points and a bit of space.

Guidance and advice from Buckinghamshire-based hair stylist Hair by Emma Milbourn.

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Date: Sep 18, 2017
Category: Planning

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