Now that the summer wedding season is long gone and taken all its warmth with it, the wedding fair season is well upon us. During the autumn and early winter months, you could fill every weekend with a wedding fair.

With so many to attend and so many suppliers to meet, you can easily end up feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with information and choice. To ensure you get the most from every fair you attend, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Do your research beforehand. Are you planning a high-end, luxury affair, a Boho-chic ceremony, or an outdoor occasion? Once you know a fair is taking place, have a look at which suppliers are attending and only go to those that offer the style you seek.  

  • After you’ve done your supplier research, make a target list. Which ones do you want to speak to? What are your priorities? What information do you need? Writing this down before you go will help you to stay focused.

  • If you think you might forget some important aspects of your wedding planning – key dates, details of your budget, theme ideas, questions etc. – write them down and take your notes with you. You’ll thank yourself for it.

  • Despite being armed with the best intention of staying focused, the sheer amount of information presented to you may still feel overwhelming. If you start to feel flummoxed and unable to think clearly about your wedding needs, take a break. Leave the fair, have a walk or a cup of coffee and return when you’ve got your thoughts back in order.

  • Remember to pick up a business card from every supplier you like. Find their social media pages, connect with them, and ‘watch’ them with interest. You’ll learn a lot about their business and usually find recent examples of their work.  

  • If you get chatting to a supplier and have your heart set on working with them, don’t forget to ask if they are offering any discount for bookings made that day.

  • If your significant other doesn’t want to attend with you, take someone else. A trusted friend or relative can ask the questions you forget, help save you from bad (or hasty) decisions, and see when you might need to escape for a quick glass of wine because it’s all getting a bit much.

  • From jewellery to favours to invitations, you never know what you might find at a wedding fair. Take some cash and your card in case you come across a must-have item.

  • Go in strong! Take your time, ask questions, and remember that suppliers are at the fair to help people like you. Don’t feel pressured by any suppliers’ attempts to secure your business, but equally don’t miss out on an amazing deal – if it’s what you really need or want.

  • Most fairs are held at wedding venues, so why not tick off another checklist box and have a look around the venue while you’re there. Get a gauge of its size, facilities, and décor and if you want further information, seek out a member of staff who can provide it.

  • Finally, enjoy yourself – all these wedding fairs mean you’re getting married! Remember why you’re there, follow the points above and you’ll surely have a great time and get a step closer to planning the wedding you’ve always wanted.

For a truly personal approach to planning your Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, or Oxfordshire wedding, get in touch today to discuss how my wedding planning services can help you create your dream wedding. 

Date: Oct 18, 2017
Category: Planning

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