You and your significant other might be a match made in heaven, but wedding planning and Christmas aren’t always the perfect fit. The festive season brings with it a host of stress-inducing activities including family visits, present buying, school holidays, and over-indulgence. Add wedding planning to the list and it can all get a bit too much rather quickly. So what can you do to keep on top of your wedding planning and enjoy the festivities? Here are my top tips to help you manage the Christmas break and planning your big day.

Stick to your budget
If you’ve started planning your wedding, you should have already set a budget for the big day. In the lead up to Christmas, it can be tempting to ‘borrow’ from your wedding savings to pay for Christmas presents and festive provisions. However, you don’t want to get into a position where you can’t replace what you’ve spent and then have to sacrifice some of your wedding wish list. In the same way that you set a wedding budget, create a separate Christmas budget. If necessary, commit to spending less on presents this year. Your friends and family will understand and will thank you later… after having the most amazing time at your wedding.

Write a to-do list
The lead up to the Christmas break can be a busy time of year and a to-do list will be your best friend. With the bank holidays and extra time off, it’s tempting to spend time catching up on home and personal tasks – as well as tick off some of those outstanding wedding planning to-dos. Write a list! Note down everything that needs doing from visiting Auntie Maureen to making your wedding favours. Mark off which tasks are urgent and which can wait until the New Year. Once you have your priority list, allocate time to each task and make sure you’re not assigning too many tasks in a day. Delegate wherever possible. By sticking to your schedule, you will find you can get tasks ticked off and still have time to relax and enjoy a glass of mulled wine.

Set aside time for DIY
If you’ve decided to make your own wedding favours, invitations, decorations etc., and hope to use the time over Christmas to get a lot done, set aside an hour or two each day but no more. You will still get loads done and feel accomplished without stressing yourself out. Plus, setting aside specific time slots will ensure you won’t get fed up of tying ribbons, or crafting cards, and will end up much happier with your final products.

Ask for what you need
If you have a tradition among your family and friends of actually asking each other what presents you would like, take it as an opportunity to ask for things you need for your wedding. Whether you need perfume or a purse, vouchers or a veil, why not ask for a wedding-related gift, and tell your friends and family just how much it would help you.

Avoid arguments
Let’s face it, for some people family get togethers can be stressful. Having to manage those situations while planning a wedding can be overwhelming. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who struggle with spending time with family members, see if you can avoid this year’s family dinner or plan to visit for a quick cup of tea instead. If you absolutely have to attend the Christmas lunch, do so with a calm mind and an intention to pay no attention to people or their comments. Focus on what’s important – ticking off your urgent to-dos and enjoying quality time with your beau.

Take a break!
The idea of taking a complete break from wedding planning over the Christmas holidays may cause you to gasp in horror, but it’s an idea you should consider. If you still have plenty of time before your big day, then why not vow to take a break and completely relax? Put down the pen, ignore Pinterest, and push any wedding-related thoughts out of you mind for a week or two. You’ll return to your wedding planning inspired and refreshed. If, however, you don’t have much time left before the wedding and you can’t take a breather, stick to your to-do list and take a break whenever you can.

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Date: Nov 30, 2017
Category: Planning

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