We’ve already discussed why winter weddings rock. In the same way a summer wedding calls for you to consider the effects of heat and humidity, a winter wedding comes with its own set of weather-related considerations, especially when it comes to hair, beauty, and clothing. To get you winter wedding for your big day, here are my top bridal beauty tips: 

Don’t think that because it’s winter and you don’t feel thirsty, you don’t need your usual two litres or so of water – you do. A happy and hydrated body will reveal itself in a bright and radiant complexion. The cold weather can also dry out your skin so make sure to moisture regularly and don’t forget to use lip balm in the lead up to and on the bid day itself to keep your pout looking luscious. If you want a bronzed look and need a bit of help from a bottle, use a fake tan that colours gradually - and don't wait until the day before to try it for the first time!

Skin colour can change with the seasons and you may need a slightly lighter foundation in the winter. Also, if you’re prone to red cheeks in the colder months, make sure to wear a foundation with plenty of coverage to avoid looking overly flushed – unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Like your skin, your hair can dry out during the winter months. To get your hair looking gorgeously glossy for your wedding, apply some deep conditioning masks in the weeks leading up to the big day. Also, talk to your hairdresser about what products they can use on the day to make sure your locks stay in place throughout the day.

When choosing your flowers, whether they are for your bouquet or for your hair, opt for seasonal winter blossoms that will withstand the cooler temperatures. Your florist should advise you on the best blooms to complement your theme and colour palette, and those that won't droop or wilt throughout the day. 

You should absolutely make sure you have a stylish coat to pair with your wedding dress. And, it shouldn't be an afterthought. When you shop for your wedding dress, shop for a coat/jacket at the same time. At some point during the big day, you will, without a doubt, be thankful you have it. So now that your top half is sorted, what about your feet? No doubt you’ll want to wear a pair of pretty sandals or strappy heels, which is fine in the venue but consider keeping some sensible shoes in the car in case of icy, even snowy, conditions. The last thing you want is to take a tumble and get that beautiful dress covered in mud or slush!

Finally, there is a risk of something going wrong with any wedding, regardless of which season it falls in but with a winter wedding the unpredictable weather can increase the likelihood of a mishap. With a winter wedding, these will usually fall under the category of someone – your makeup artist, the florist, the DJ etc. – being delayed because of the weather. Plan for all the nightmares you can think of e.g. have your makeup artist do a practice run with you and a bridesmaid, give the venue a playlist etc.

Fancy a 2018 winter wedding and don’t where to start? My full, partial, and on-the-day planning packages are designed to help you in a way that suits you. Give me a call today to discuss your plans and to arrange a free consultation.

Date: Nov 22, 2017
Category: Planning

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