Everything about your love story is unique to you and your significant other and like most couples, you will want to express that story that in as many ways as possible.

Your engagement and wedding rings should be more than a symbol of being engaged or married. You will wear them every day for, well, a lifetime so they should be something you adore and treasure for years to come. For that reason, it’s worth considering custom-made wedding jewellery.

Not sure where to start? Read on for everything you need to know about choosing bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands, including the advantages and the how-to process.  With expert advice from independent goldsmith Gavin of Gavin Mack Jewellery.

What are the benefits of choosing bespoke wedding jewellery? 

You can choose a diamond that suits your budget 
Every bride-to-be wants a diamond that glimmers. When you choose a custom-made engagement ring, the stone is selected for that individual's budget and to create a one-off piece. An independent jeweller can help you choose a beautiful diamond that suits your budget, taking the time to explain quality and pricing so that you choose the right diamond for you. For example, Gavin always advises customers to read through his Diamond Buying Guide to get started. In contrast, mass manufacturers tend to use stones picked from a large parcel of diamonds. "You can get some really lovely engagement rings from High Street stores but with an independent jeweller, you get a more personalised service to help you buy the best diamond for your budget” advises Gavin. 

The gold and platinum is better
Today, a lot of metal is often alloyed in China where cheaper materials tend to be used. This means the quality of mass-produced gold and platinum tends to be lower and is more likely to crack. On the other hand, independent jewellers like Gavin don't mass manufacture so they tend to use a higher quality alloy. For example, when it comes to 18ct white gold, independent jewellers like Gavin tend to use metal containing a higher palladium content which means that when the rhodium plating starts to wear, the gold stays white and doesn't turn yellow. 

The final product is usually better quality 
Independent jewellers, because the ring is a one-off, tend to work with higher quality setters and take more time finishing the individual piece. A ring made and set by a high street jewellery company, however, is less likely to have the same time taken over each individual ring. This can result in poorly set stones and a weaker overall structure. Consequently, High Street chains often offer customers monthly insurance in the event that stones fall out or there is a problem with the metal. If a ring is designed and set properly, however, such problems should not occur. 

You get a bespoke ring and a more personalised service
With custom-made wedding jewellery, you get a lot more say in the specifics of the design. Your style preferences are taken into account from day one and your ring(s) are made for you. Custom-made jewellery is a fantastic option for couples who want a one-of-a-kind piece, matching rings, or who want to incorporate jewellery or stones that were passed down to them by loved ones. When you choose a bespoke service, your engagement or wedding ring will feel like a true reflection of your individual personality and will be a symbol of who you are as a couple. Finally, you can guarantee that you won’t come across someone with the same ring!

Top tips for buying bespoke wedding jewellery

  1. Buying custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands can take longer than buying from a High Street shop. Try to find a jeweller early in your engagement or wedding planning.
  2.  Do some research into the style of ring you’d like before you meet with your jeweller. Pinterest is great for collecting ideas in one place but you can also take ideas from magazines, websites, and jewellery stores.
  3. When it comes to finding a jeweller who can create your perfect ring, ask friends and family for recommendations and have a look for reviews online and in local publications. It might be helpful to find someone in your area because you will have to meet with him or her a few times during the process. 
  4. Once you’ve found someone you feel comfortable working with and you’ve discussed your vision in detail, it's time to create! Check all designs thoroughly and be sure to raise any concerns or discuss changes you'd like made. After all, this will be your ring for life so it's important it's made to your specifications. 
  5. Top tip! Remember, if you're having an engagement ring made, keep in mind how you'd like your wedding ring to eventually sit alongside it. This will help avoid design difficulties later on. 
  6. You now have a stunning ring. Be sure to insure it!

Thanks to Gavin of Gavin Mack Jewellery for his guidance and advice.

For more inspirational ideas why not take a look at my dedicated engagement ring Pinterest Board. If you’re planning a wedding in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire or Oxfordshire and would like to discuss your ideas and how I might be able to help, get in touch today!


Date: Dec 19, 2017
Category: Wedding Ideas

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