April showers bring May flowers…or so they say! As we move into the spring and summer months, we’re all hoping for plenty of sunshine, especially those couples who have planned an outdoor ceremony. But, the great British weather has taught us to never pin our hopes on the sun making an appearance and to expect the unexpected. So, to ensure the elements don’t ruin your big day, here are my top five tips for weather proofing your wedding day:

Know your venue inside out
Even in the height of the British summer, our weather can be unpredictable so it’s important to have a wet weather plan. If you’ve planned for an outdoor ceremony in the grounds of one of Buckinghamshire or Berkshire’s beautiful venues, make sure you (or your wedding planner) have discussed a Plan B with the wedding coordinator there. Is there an alternative indoor area where the ceremony can take place if need be? Can decorations and flowers be moved inside? Can guests throw confetti inside the venue? What is the back-up plan if the heavens open when you’ve planned for al fresco dining? Every detail of your wedding should come with a wet weather alternative! Having a Plan B agreed and in place before the big day will remove the stress of having to make important decisions on the day itself and allow you to embrace whatever comes and still enjoy yourselves.

Plan your photography
You should approach your photography in much the same way as you would your wedding venue. Your photographer should be experienced enough to have worked in different weather conditions and should, therefore, have a few tricks up their sleeve for when it comes to a sudden downpour or gusty winds. Again, talk with the venue about whether you can move the photography indoors if it gets too miserable outside. Also, before the big day and together with your photographer, identify great indoor and outdoor backdrops so he or she can prepare for every eventuality.

Bring some back up attire
As long as you and your guests are happy and enjoying yourselves, the weather won’t matter. You can help this process along, however, by preempting any weather woes and arming your guests with what they’ll need to stay happy, especially older relatives. If you’re having an outdoor do, have a basket of blankets or pashminas to hand in case the temperature drops in the evening. If it’s going to rain, consider providing guests with mini umbrellas (personalised versions make wonderful keepsakes and excellent photography props). Some venues may also have heaters for outside areas, and if you have booked a marquee make sure to ask whether it can be heated.

Give the game up
If you’ve planned a host of outdoor games and entertainment such as Giant Jenga or a string quartet, you’ll have to come up with a Plan B and talk with your wedding venue about what can be brought inside and still work. A live band can more than likely plan inside, just check beforehand that the venue has everything they need to perform. Outdoors games are less likely to be accommodated inside so it makes sense to have alternative entertainment ideas ready to go just in case, or indeed no entertainment but a well-stocked bar instead!

Stay chill
Let’s face it, the British weather can be incredibly unpredictable and all over the place…but this also means that experienced wedding suppliers are a well-prepared bunch! Wedding venues tend to be equipped to change tact at a moment’s (or downpour’s) notice, wedding photographers know how to shepherd a wedding party indoors out of the rain for a brilliant confetti shot, and a wedding planner knows exactly how to coax a group of bridesmaids out of their gorgeous strappy shoes into some funky wellies for a beautiful outdoors photography shoot when a rainbow is shining, but it’s muddy underfoot!

Are you planning a Buckinghamshire or Berkshire wedding and could do with some professional help? Get in touch today to discuss your plans and how I can help plan your perfect wedding day.

Date: Apr 30, 2018
Category: Wedding planning

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