You may have heard or read about all the amazing benefits that comes with hiring a wedding planner. Beyond our expertise, remarkable organisation skills, and valuable supplier relationships (to name but a few of our talents and gifts!), there are many other ways that we ensure couples get to enjoy their dream wedding day. Writing from experience (and I bet any wedding planner will back me up), here are a few things we’ll handle so that you don’t have to:

Even in this day and age, there are still a few wedding dos and don’ts and aspects of your big day you’ll be unsure of how to handle. What should you do about plus ones? Children of your best friends? How to keep things eco-friendly? How much alcohol to serve? The entertainment? A wedding planner can guide you from tacky to tasteful, from silly to sophisticated. 

Drunken guests
Even when you know that your Auntie Maude enjoys a tipple and might end up getting groovy on the dance floor, the last thing you want to deal with is a guest who’s had a few too many and is causing a scene. So what do you do? Nothing but carry on enjoying your big day. Any good wedding planner will have your tipsy guest sobered up with some fresh air and strong coffee before you’ve even noticed.

Social media
No couple wants photos of their big day splashed about on social media before they’ve managed to update their own profiles. Today, many couples will politely request upfront that guests refrain from sharing photos before they’ve posted the first bridal shot of the day. A wedding planner can keep an eye on your social media profiles and remind guests up until you give the go ahead - any guest with a phone in their hand for too long, watch out!

Unexpected mishaps
Blocked toilets, broken zips, snapped heels - a wedding planner knows to expect the unexpected so when a mishap occurs, he/she is used to staying calm and finding a solution, quickly!

Family mediation!
When it comes to wedding planning, one thing is for sure; weddings can bring out the best and worst of a family dynamic! In the lead up to the big day, an objective wedding planner can assist with difficult conversations and help families (and sometimes couples) compromise on important details. And, on the big day itself when your Auntie Maude starts criticising your wedding planning decisions, you can always blame the wedding planner and say he/she made you do it!

On the day nerves
Regardless of how calm and collected you think you will be on the morning of your big day, it’s highly likely some nerves will creep in. A wedding planner can help you feel less overwhelmed when everyone is fussing around you and you just want to get ready and enjoy the excitement. He/she will have helped many a bride and groom before you and will have a few tricks up their sleeve to help you feel relaxed and less flustered while managing the good intentions of friends and family.  

Getting married in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire? With full, partial, and on-the-day wedding planning packages available, I can help you plan your perfect wedding day in a way that suits you. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation chat.

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Date: May 29, 2018
Category: Wedding planning

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