Happy Father’s Day! You’re probably well aware that fathers usually walk their daughters down the aisle, but what else can the father of the bride do to get involved with his daughter’s big day? Here are seven duties explained, to get you started.

Getting involved in the wedding planning
You might think wedding planning is the domain of the bride and the mother of the bride but the father of the bride may be able to provide a lot of objective, wisdom-filled advice. He could also help with tasks such as sending out invitations or chasing up suppliers. If you’re finding things stressful, disagreeing with your mum or other family members, seek some advice from Dad – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Helping to pay for the wedding
While most couples nowadays pay for most, or all, of their wedding day, traditionally it was down to the father of the bride to finance his daughter’s big day. Whether you’re doing it alone or receiving help from your father figure, learn more about budgeting for your wedding or read my top tips on when to save and when to spend.

Getting the bride to the church on time!
What a responsibility! For a lot of brides, their Dad, or father figure, will escort them down the aisle so it makes sense that one of the main Father of the Bride roles is to get his daughter to the church on time! Make your Dad responsible for booking wedding cars/transport and ensuring they arrive on time on the day itself. Then on the morning of the wedding day, the father of the bride should give the bride and her wedding party plenty of time updates so that everyone is ready to leave on time. And remember, the journey to the wedding venue will be a special moment for you and your father and it’s likely you will both be a bag of nerves! Enjoy the moment and see it as an opportunity to spend a special moment with him before your big day really gets underway.

Walking the bride down the aisle
It sounds so simple doesn’t it! Walking the bride down the aisle is one of the most important and memorable tasks for the father of the bride so make sure he is prepped and understands what to do. Arrange a rehearsal so that he practices his pace, hears the music, and knows how to lift your veil, if you’re wearing one.

Giving a really good speech
Traditionally, the father of the bride kicks off the speeches. It’s an opportunity for him to welcome guests, thank everyone for coming, and lead a toast to the bride and groom. If your Dad is a confident speech giver, he could also tell a tale or two about you growing up or how he welcomed your significant other into the family. There are plenty of online resources to help the father of the bride write and prepare an amazing speech.

Dancing like a dreamboat!
The father daughter dance is a long-standing tradition that you may or may not decide to uphold. If you decide it’s for you, consider whether your Dad has two left feet or fancies himself a bit of a Fred Astaire. A few dance lessons before the big day may help build his confidence and ensure your both stepping in time to the music.

Playing host at the end of the night
Traditionally the last to leave, the father of the bride ensures that everyone leaves the venue safely. He may also be the one to ensure all suppliers are paid and that any wedding gifts are packed up safely and securely. If you’ve hired a wedding planner he/she will take care of this, allowing the father of the bride to mingle with family members and friends, saying goodnight as people leave.

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Date: Jun 17, 2018
Category: Wedding planning

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