For most couples planning a summer wedding, top of their wish list is usually for the sun to shine. But what happens if, like these past few weeks, the sun shines and doesn’t seem to stop, bringing with it blistering temperatures? While many of us will sit back and bask in such an unexpected heatwave, for couples tying the knot in it, such temperatures can be problematic. Here are my top tips to ensure you, and your guests, survive your hot summer ceremony.

Supply all the right supplies!
There are a number of goodies you can provide on the big day to help your guests feel more comfortable including:

Sunscreen – Particularly needed if you are having an outdoor ceremony and reception. Buy a few bottles with different levels of protection and leave in various locations for anyone to use.

Water mist sprays – To refresh and rejuvenate! Cut costs and prepare a few bottles yourself. All you’ll need is some pretty water bottles, perhaps a few drops of an essential oil and water!

Deodorants/fragrances – Leave a few spray bottles in the bathrooms and let people freshen up as required.

Sunglasses – While you can’t select a style to suit everyone, you could buy a bunch of sunglasses and customise them to match the theme of your wedding. That way you provide some practical relief from the sun for guests who may have forgotten to bring theirs and they get a nifty keepsake from your big day.

Parasols – A must have if you’re expecting people to sit outdoors for any length of time e.g. for the exchange of vows.

Fans – Another customisable keepsake! Place one on each seat to make sure everyone gets one.

Make sure everyone is hydrated
The best way to ensure you and your guests stay hydrated throughout the day is to set out some tables around the venue with jugs of water on top – and make sure venue staff keep them topped up. Fruit-infused water with some accompaniments such as fresh mint or lemongrass will up the glam factor. You’ll definitely want a water station by the entrance for those guests who have travelled a long distance and if you’re alfresco dining make sure there are a few water stations outside. The last thing you want your guests to remember about your big day is your Auntie Maude passing out halfway through the ceremony from heatstroke and dehydration!

To dine in or to dine out?
Speaking of alfresco dining, if it’s going to be sweltering outside you may want to check with the venue if there is an alternative air-conditioned space indoors, especially if you have invited children or elderly guests. If not, make sure the dining area is shaded (hire a tent or gazebo if need be) and provide guests with fabric cushions for their seats, you might be surprised as to how hot and uncomfortable a metal or wooden seat can get in the sun!

Hair and beauty
If you are having your hair and makeup done professionally, speak to your beautician in advance of your big day to discuss how to heat and sun-proof your hair and make up. It’s recommended to avoid liquid-based make up in hot weather and use a powder alternative containing a high factor SPF instead. Keep blotting papers in your handbag or pocket for those oily moments and if possible keep your hair up or be open to the idea of tying it up later in the day.

Dress down the dress code
If you know your wedding day is going to be a scorcher, you can dress down the dress code. While many of your guests will have purchased their outfits, you could let them know ahead of the day that it’s okay to bring flip-flops or shorts to change into once the ceremony and photos are over. Same goes for the bride and groom, you may want to consider a change of clothes for once the formalities are out of the way. After all, everyone will enjoy themselves a lot more if they are comfortable.

Delay the photographs
Although you might want your wedding photographs taken amidst glorious sunshine, the bright light can actually be problematic for wedding photographers. Be flexible and be open to the idea that he/she may want to delay the official photographs until later in the day when it’s not only cooler but also the setting sun may provide a shadier, and more romantic backdrop.

Chill the cake!
Make sure your beautiful, expertly make wedding cake stays somewhere chilled until it’s ready for its unveiling, especially if it’s a tall cake! To avoid having to serve a melting, sweaty cake, speak to your cake maker for advice well in advance of the big day in case you need to make arrangements with the venue.

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Date: Jul 25, 2018
Category: Wedding planning

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