An autumn wedding is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot. You can find lots of inspiration in the natural beauty of the season, which is in abundance, from rich reds, rustic themes and warming colours for that perfect picturesque special day. 

However, as with planning any wedding at any time of year, it is the details that matter most and will create the magic of the season on your big day. Whether you are hiring a wedding planner to help you, or if you aim to do it all yourself, here are my top tips to help you along your way.



Firstly, pick a great location. The venue you choose can make your autumn dream wedding a reality or bring your wedding nightmares to life. Make sure that your location has both indoor and outdoor options as the weather in autumn can be unpredictable. In case of inclement weather – be prepared! Have wellie boots and umbrellas available as well as warm wraps in case the evening gets a little chilly. If you really want to add that special touch, these items can also be customised which make them lovely keepsakes for you and your guests.

Venues such as vineyards, converted barns, and country manors are all perfect choices. Try to find a venue with picturesque grounds to really be able to capture the stunning autumnal colours that will look beautiful in your wedding photo album.



Choose a theme to compliment the season. Rustic browns and rich reds all work great in this season and can be used as the base for your colour scheme as can easily be combined in the flowers, decorations, centrepieces, chair covers… even the bridesmaid dresses. 

In addition to the colour scheme why not really bring the autumn theme to life and try to incorporate seasonal accessories.

Toffee apple favours are a great idea to give your guests and can be obtained easily and quite cheaply; pumpkin inspired centrepieces are always a talking point - you can even carve the pumpkins yourself for the added personal touch or have pumpkins available for your guests to carve their wishes to you throughout the evening.

Create an atmosphere


Once you have the perfect theme and your rustic reds and warm natural colours have been taken care of, think of how this can be enhanced by creating the perfect atmosphere. Little touches like candles and traditional lanterns (if your venue lets you, if not you can use the electric flickering candles), hay bales with patchwork quilts for informal seating – these are just a few ideas to create full rustic wedding embracing the autumn season. 

If you are looking to achieve an idyllic autumn wedding then hiring a wedding planner may be the perfect way to get inspirational ideas and contacts. An autumn wedding will be colourful, heart-warming and a day to truly remember - check out our Pinterest board here for further ideas and inspiration.

If you are planning a wedding in autumn (or any other season!) then get in touch to see how I can help you bring your day to life. 

Date: Sep 19, 2018
Category: Wedding Ideas

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