From DJ’s to live bands, string quartets to impersonators, your wedding entertainment is a crucial element of your big day. It allows your guests to unwind and becomes a talking point for your guests. So, how can you guarantee the talk around your wedding entertainment is positive?
Whatever your plans for the entertainment you have, a few things will help you make the right choices and below we have highlighted some of our top tips on the important things to focus on. 
Match the Entertainment with the Type of Wedding You’re Having
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Your entertainment should reflect your wedding. 
This means considering things like your venue, any wedding theme you have embraced, and of course your own personalities, when choosing the typeof entertainment you have. 
When you’re organising a wedding at a castle with romantic pink ribbons, aiming for a classic and romantic atmosphere, you want your wedding entertainment to fit into this scenery. Elements such as a harpist or string musicians to play during your drinks reception as guests arrive would enhance the ambience whereas a heavy metal band would perhaps detract from the elegance attempting to be achieved!  
If you are looking for something light-hearted and humorous, entertainment such as caricaturists, table top magicians or singing waiters to surprise your wedding guests could be the perfect fit for your celebration!
Remember to pick something you’d like to see – it is YOUR wedding day, after all.
Ensure the Wedding Venue Can Accommodate the Entertainment
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When considering your chosen entertainment you also need to ensure the wedding venue is suitable. Some entertainers need to have a certain amount of space, some venues do not allow live music while others will only allowed pre-approved DJs. 
Make sure that you 
discuss your preferred entertainment with your wedding planner or venue before confirming a booking so ensure suitability works for everyone – otherwise you may end up losing entertainment deposits. 

One great example when thinking about space is to consider the space needed for a DJ in comparison to a live band. A DJ, for instance, will take roughly the equivalent space of a band’s drum kit. As much as you might love live music, if your venue is tight for space or you 
have a lengthy wedding guest list, sometimes a DJ will be the best option.
Check Venue Technical Requirements 

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If you are planning to use an entertainer not already known to a venue you may be asked for their Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificate, and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificates for electrical equipment, depending on the entertainment type. You should also check with you entertainer what their power requirements etc are and ensure that the venue can provide this. 
Not the most glamourous things to consider when planning your wedding, but can you imagine your band turning up and not being able to play because they couldn’t prove their equipment was safe?! 
Find Entertainment That Fits Your Wedding Budget
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All successful wedding planning starts with your wedding budget. Start looking for wedding entertainment with a clear idea on how much you are looking to spend. 
Wedding entertainment costs can range depending on the type of entertainment you’re looking for. 
Just remember to talk about the costs early on and always consider things like quality and experience instead of just focusing on the price.

Consider Experience and See The Act Live
As mentioned above, it is imperative to think about things like experience and quality when booking your wedding entertainment. You don’t want to end up with an entertainer that doesn’t know what they are doing and ruins your big day. To ensure this doesn’t happen, pick a trusted entertainer with a strong portfolio and experience. 
It’s always good to either see the act live or listen / watch their performance beforehand. Wedding bands, for example, often have clips online for you to view. This gives you a better idea on what kind of entertainer you’re getting.
Whether you’re taking advantage of the services of a wedding planner or planning the wedding by yourself, pay attention to the details of your wedding entertainment. 
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Date: Oct 18, 2018
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