Traditionally, the wedding season flourishes between May and September but winter weddings are becoming more and more popular as our seasons change. Festive vibes, cosiness and twinkling lights create the perfect ready-made atmosphere for the ultimate romantic day.

Here are our 10 tips that can help you to perfect your winter wedding...

1. Have One Venue

Make the day more comfortable for you and your guests, by choosing an all in one wedding and reception venue to avoid guests being in the cold (and possibly rain) for too long. Transport is made simpler, your guests can settle in and you won't have to worry about rain dampening your gorgeous wedding hair.

2. Indulge in Lighting

It will be dark early, that's a guarantee! So, create your perfect romantic cave with copious amounts of candles and LED lighting. From table lights to draping fairy lights...this is one area that you won’t have to hold back on.

3. Mulled Wine Reception

Swap your reception bubbles for mulled wine. The iconic smell will be instantly recognised by the guests following the ceremony and mark the beginning of your cosy winter experience.

4. Embrace Winter Fashion

Long sleeved dresses, chic velvet suits, faux fur, tweed, the opportunities to be creative with your wedding day look are endless. Surprise your guests with a break from the norm. Metallics, berries, greens and earth colours will look incredible in photos and stand out against those dark skies.

5. Keep guests warm & dry

Happy guests make for a great party. Think about warming them up with heaters, fires and blankets. Have brollies on hand in case it rains and blankets on hand for that firepit in the gardens of your venue. They’ll appreciate the thought and be more likely to end up staying the distance to dance the night away, if they’re not chilled to the bone.

6. Winter Accessories

For a classy touch; veils, cape and stoles can add an extra sprinkling of glamour to your wedding feel. For a fun element why not feature wellies and umbrellas in your wedding shoot? Accessorising your winter wedding can be both practical and enhance your wedding theme.

7. Keep Skin and Lips Hydrated

When you want to look your very best for your special day, winter presents obstacles. Chapped lips and dry skin are common winter hindrances, but by simply drinking plenty of water during the days leading up to the big day and being sure to moisturise your skin and lips. You and your bridal party will look flawless.

8. Serve Up Winter Warmers

Bring a seasonal touch to your wedding cuisine. Fill your guests with winter warmers to keep them fuelled through the day. Warm soups, hearty pies and stodgy desserts will fill their tummies and line their stomachs for a long night of dancing ahead. For evening refueling, what better than burgers or a hog roast. They’ll be sure to go down a treat with hungry guests.

9. Decorate Festively

The world’s your oyster when it comes to decor for a winter wedding and often you can find decorations, courtesy of mother nature. Pine cones, birch logs and tree branches can transform into rustic candle holders, centerpieces and place card holders. Roast chestnuts could feature as wedding favours and in addition to your alcoholic bar, setting up a coffee and hot chocolate bar could enhance the feel of your Winter Wonderland.

10. Cocktail Hour

Impress your guests with some winter themed cocktails. Hot toddies, gluhwein and spiced rum based drink are just some of the many drink combinations that’ll really warm the cockles! Get creative and find your signature wedding cocktail.

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Date: Nov 15, 2018
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