2019 is well and truly up and running!  So, now’s the perfect time to take a look at what's trending this year in the world of weddings. Below are just a few of the latest trends we’re particularly excited about.

Colours: Coral!

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2019 is all about corals, corals and more coral! The pantone works with a summer sunset intwined with organic greens; but also shines through on a foggy Autumn day. This palette creates a sense of magic and a whimsical nature whilst oozing sophistication. Check out this 2019 Pantone board for beautiful ways this colour can inspire your wedding. 

Bride: Simple Bridal Gowns

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Meghan Markle shocked and dazzled the world with her unpredicted, yet stunningly simple wedding gown in May 2018. Since then, designers of bridal wear have anticipated the return of minimal and refined wedding gowns for 2019. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay a Givenchy price tag to find your perfect boat neck dress; we have some stunning suppliers here in Buckinghamshire & Berkshire! Check out our Pinterest 2019 board for inspiration! 

Groom: Mixing Fabrics

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For years now, many brides have been opting to mix and match their bridal party attire to suit each individual style and shape. 2019 is the year of the groomsmen! Traditional tuxedos have had their day - it’s time to mix and match ties, diversify with fabrics and combine different textures. Letting each groomsman pick the most flattering jacket for his body type means they’ll feel much more relaxed and comfortable during the big day.

Venues: Industrial Spaces

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The past few years have seen the rise of naturally rustic venues becoming a favoured option. Barns, farmhouses and yurts lined with wood pallet decor and hay bales create a picturesque and intimate setting for a wedding.  This year will start to see couples opting for more industrial and rustic venues. Bare metallic structures provide the perfect blank canvas, which can be transformed into a romantic wedding den with shrubbery, florals and warm lighting. See our Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Venue boards on Pinterest for our latest favourites!

Wedding Breakfast: Grazing Tables

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If you’ve ever been a hungry guest at a wedding waiting until 4pm for dinner, then why not consider the simple solution of grazing tables throughout the day? Opportunities are endless when creating an appetising spread and are an easy way to delight those food lovers amongst your wedding party. Invite guests to snack on cold meats, cheeses, fruit, cakes or breads whenever they require a little energy boost!

Wedding Cake: Bold and Minimal

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Couples are identifying that whilst the cake cutting is still an important part of the ceremony, it’s a short event that represents the sentiment and often not as valued as it was many years ago. Plus, everyone says it...no one really eats the cake! Gone are the days of elaborate 5 tier spectacles; the trend is now modern, white clean lines with a splash of colour or texture to enhance the cake. Subtle, effective and won’t eat too much into your wedding budget. 

Wedding Favours: Edible & Drinkable Favours

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Think personal when it comes to wedding favours. Is there a particular cake or biscuit that your friends and family know you for? Do you make your own wine or infuse your own gin? Let your guests into a snippet of your lives together and share something that you both enjoy. 

Wedding Inspiration: Think of the environment 

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Last but not least, it’s hard to ignore the current emphasis on sustainability in society. From your home to your local cafe, there is a noticeable change being made to the reduction in waste, in particular plastic. The wedding industry is fully on board with this movement by encouraging a move from plastic cups and straws to alternative paper and glass versions. Princess Eugenie committed to making her wedding in October 2018 plastic free, inspiring other couples to follow suit. A great start and habit to 2019!

If you wish to share your wedding ideas with our experienced team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our Pinterest page is full of new ideas for 2019; so why not have a sneaky look.

Date: Jan 23, 2019
Category: Wedding Ideas

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