Are you thinking of hiring a marquee for your wedding? We caught up with one of our preferred suppliers, Marquee Bookings who gave us their top tips; from saving money to creative and quirky ideas!

Tim Verwey, Bookings Manager at Marquee Bookings took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some of the most asked questions! 

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First things first, what are your top tips for planning a marquee wedding?

I would confirm the wedding date and wedding site. Once you have your site booked, find out if you need to hire power for the electrics inside the marquee, toilets, & running water. With these important elements ticked off, looking for marquee hire is much easier. This is because you can get quotes for marquees that are available on your wedding date & local to the site. Plus, you can also get prices for the additional costs: generators, toilets and water.

Once you have the essentials sorted; then you can concentrate on the smaller things like decor, table linen and the likes…

My number one top-tip is to start your planning early & book at least a year, if not two in advance. By starting early, you have a choice of the best companies and best marquees. We have couples who start looking for marquee hire 6 months before their wedding and there is limited choice available. This creates unnecessary stress and they have to settle for a marquee they don’t love!

Some couples assume that marquee weddings have to cost the earth. What are your top tips for saving money on a marquee wedding?

Decor is an easy way to save splashing out. Here are just a few of our decor

1. Hanging Paper Globes

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These are a sophisticated yet money saving way to decorate your marquee. You can buy coloured or white paper globes online for around £10 each. Fill the globes with battery L.E.D, which you can buy for like £1.20 each, then to hang the globes just use heavy duty fishing wire. Simple!

2. Origami Swans

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Painstaking and time consuming, but cheap and the finished articles are quite impressive.

A Creative Bar

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In the past, we’ve made a bar from old wooden pallets, which looks awesome. We’ve also made a Barrell Bar, which is so easy to make. Buy two old beer/wine barrels either online, from a prop shop or from a brewery and screw in a big sheet of wood. Super easy & fast to make plus they look awesome for rustic events.

Why are marquee weddings the best?

It's simple, a marquee gives you a beautiful space to have the wedding you want, not what venues want you to have. You can choose your own caterers, your own band, decorate the marquee yourself, and there aren’t as many rules (no music after 11pm). There are so many different types of marquees to choose from, you can always find one that fits your budget, your theme & the size of your wedding. 

What's the craziest or coolest thing you've seen at a marquee wedding?

The craziest marquee wedding I have seen was at a London mansion. in the middle of the marquee was an outside swimming pool, there were circus performers hanging from the ceiling, huge props like this 10ft-tall-giraffe dotted around the marquee, and the coolest thing was the end section of the marquee was hidden by a huge divider. After the speeches, the divider curtain was pulled to one side and there was a band on and all the guests rushed into the newly revealed dance area! 

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If you need help arranging your marquee wedding; then we can help. From start to finish planning or on the day support. Speak to our team for more details. 

A huge thanks to for taking the time to feature on our blog.

Date: Feb 04, 2019
Category: Wedding planning

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