You’ve chosen the venue of your dreams...and you’ve said yes to the dress but the fun doesn’t stop there! Your wedding flowers will take centre stage at your wedding and feature prominently and plays a major part in capturing your wedding day photos. With so many types, colours and styles to choose from, picking the perfect wedding flowers can be an overwhelming task. 

Here, we’ve listed some of the key factors to consider when planning for your floral wedding arrangements:

Allocate your budget

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Our preferred suppliers Fabulous Flowers suggest “that couples allow a reasonable budget for their flowers and ask for the florist’s advice on where to spend it – A professional florist  can help make sure you get the most impact for your money.” 

If your unsure of your precise budget, it’s good to have a rough figure in mind to allow your florist  to make suitable suggestions. Identifying your ‘must haves’ and your additional preferences will enable your florist to be creative and stretch your budget as far as possible.

Do a little research

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Although your florist will advise you no end, it will save a great deal of time if you conduct some initial research beforehand. Think about what season your wedding will take place in and check which blooms will be readily available. Also, create a Pinterest/inspiration board with ideas of colours and designs that you like. This will help your florist to quickly identify your taste and vision. 

Trust in your florist

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Once completing your research, you’re likely to have some clear ideas on how you visualise your flower arrangements. Likewise, try not to restrict your florist. It is great to have your own ideas but if you’re not open to their expertise and imagination, you could miss out on a brilliant idea. They know flowers inside out and are creative experts in their field. Let them work their magic! 

Think theme

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It’s a good idea to have a theme for your wedding flowers, in order to compliment the theme of your wedding. For example if your having a countryside barn wedding, you may want to include lots of wildflowers. Or if your getting married in a stately home, you may be toying with the idea of statement rose bouquets. 

Fabulous Flowers also have given our brides some top tips. They’ve suggested that “you think carefully when picking your theme. Colours can quickly become outdated, so try not to go over the top with your colour palette to ensure your wedding pictures remain timeless.”

Your venue
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Another great tip from our lovely supplier at Fabulous Flowers “It’s so important to match the colour and style of your flowers with your venue. You don’t want your arrangements to clash with the existing decor!”

 If possible, take your florist to visit your venue, in order for them to gauge the venues main features and its size. If this isn’t possible show pictures and describe features to them. This will allow the florist to create effective displays which maximise the emphasis on your big day.

Now that your plan is starting to take shape, here’s an insight into some of 2019’s biggest wedding flower trends straight from our friends at Fabulous Flowers:

1. Statement arrangements with ‘wow’ factor

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We’re seeing couples spend up to a third of their budget on one particular arrangement to make their guest’s jaws drop

2. Hanging flowers, taking over from last year’s floral walls

Think blooms cascading from chandeliers and stems from the ceiling, suspended floral arrangements are currently having a huge impact at weddings

3. Botanicals, tropical plants and architectural leaves

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Following the rise in popularity of houseplants, wild greenery is great for creating dramatic textures and variations of height

Check out our Flowers Pinterest board for more inspiration. Also, check out the stunning instagram page of Fabulous Flowers for some pretty envious flower inspo!

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Date: Mar 06, 2019
Category: Wedding Ideas

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